To Utterance

Green House Gallery, Monash University, Melbourne

by Lyn Plummer

This work presents both a public front and a cloistered space. Visible in various sites on campus, are a series of repeating signs, presented as empty matrices which resonate like emblems of sacred and profane power. A pilgrimage to the airy space of the Greenhouse Gallery, will find it transformed into a chamber isolated from public activity by walls of parchments, cloistered by epistles of abstract thoughts in a quest for meaning. The installation merges space, forms, surface, sound and light.

For many years the work has investigated the interdependence of public ritual and private compulsion. The installations re-present ceremonial spaces where the relationship between power and supplication are evident. Rob Garrett, a New Zealand writer and critic, wrote that the work is '…a provocation to engage with the ideas of power and presence as well.'

Lyn Plummer
October, 2001