To Utterance

Green House Gallery, Monash University, Melbourne

To Utterance,
by Lyn Plummer

For patterns traced, incised;
inscribed vestments built layer upon layer. Thread upon thread,
decorated, covered, protected, concealed:
the body layered with pattern, materiality. Sensuality lost,
mind emerges written with power.

Mute traces unpicked from the experiences-of-the-flesh. Forms and signs de-threaded,
strung out, twisted and knotted
needled into new ciphers.

Magnificence in hushed procession
cloaked in the unraveled markings of the flesh,
the long forbearance of the skin. Memory so inscribed.
Re-picked beyond the measured silence of space, brought
to utterance.

Lyn Plummer ©
September, 2001