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Lyn Plummer’s small sculptural work comments on ancient symbols of transmission and immateriality and the modern incursion of seemingly paranormal connections. Both transverse the globe, floating magically across the air currents and through digital-space conveying ideas, histories and images.

These mediators between earth and heaven ethereally communicate images of meaning common visions from the myths embedded in the Collective Unconcious that correspond across cultures and continents

14th February 2011

stones and other earth pathways

24-27 March 2011

Omnibus Art Gallery, 148A Inglis St, Ballan

Featuring artists working in Australia, Greece, Singapore and Bulgaria

An exhibition of artworks inspired by Australian stones. Curated by Velislav Georgiev and Nikoli Stoychev. 24 Mar - 27 Mar 2011. Omnibus Art Gallery in conjuntion with The National Museum of Earth & People, Bulgaria

Ethereal Envous



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