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Rodney Browne’s ephemeral installation plays with perceptions of space. Ritual-type structures delineate the body in space, while lyrically extending its presence beyond into a sense of the contemplative space.

Lyn Plummer’s small sculptural installation comments on rituals connecting land and body marking to a space defined by ‘the sense of place’, developed from insights from Arnhemland Australia, and Papua New Guinea.

Kushana Bush’s series of drawings focuses on the body in extension to interior space and private ritual. They confront domestic bodies fraught with dissonance and anxiety by depicting a private stage rife with erratic and often hyperbolic dramas.

Body.Space.Ritual / Text

Kushana Bush:
Lyn Plummer:
Rodney Browne:

4-22 October 2005

Lower Gallery, Blue Oyster Gallery, Moray Place, Dunedin NZ.

Three Dunedin artists Lyn Plummer, Rodney Browne and Kushana Bush ask: what do we reveal that is not conscious or rational in the interrelationship between Body, Space and Ritual and what diverse Texts might result from this interaction. The task is to acknowledge the influences underpinning our enmeshment with ritual and space, which is governed by our understanding of ourselves through the complex concepts of the private and the public body. Each artist engages with one of the paradigms of the conceptual triangle, while still considering the other two. Thus a text spreads from each model, into the space and shapes multiple readings.


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